High Security Lock

High Security Keys and Locks | Friendswood | Pearland

Increase your protection against theft and crime in Friendswood and Pearland with a high security lock.

Our high security locks have a unique waved security groove that allows for hundreds of possible independent keyways for each key profile.

The CX5 security groove is a proprietary technology used to interact with spring-less side pins, which control an auxiliary locking bar, making CX5 cylinders less susceptible to being compromised than traditional pin tumbler cylinders. With patent protected keys, an auxiliary locking bar and enhanced protective features, CX5 cylinders not only protect against physical attacks but are virtually pick and bump resistant. By maintaining strictly enforced key control policies, geographically managed keyways prevent the widespread availability of any specific key blank. This strict adherence to control policies in key blank distribution supports all priorities in today’s security minded environment.

CX5 cylinders are produced from high quality solid brass extruded rod material and are available in most popular architectural finishes. By default, cylinders are shipped without keys and no security groove sidebar pins. The pin tumbler chambers are “zero-bitted” with brass bottom pins, driver pins and stainless steel springs. The hardened steel anti-drill pins located across the cylinder plug face protect from drilling the top and bottom pins as well as the sidebar pins.

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